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From there to today - grown hospitality

A first glance of Bad Marienberg, maybe from a distance, suggests the town´s motto: "health, recreation and joy of life". Since the beginning of the 20th century our town lodged its guests splendidly. For six decades Bad Marienberg has been allowed to call itself "Höhenluftkurort" and since 1967 it was enhanced with the title "Bad".

Among the people

Hospitality here is an important matter of course - each day about 6000 inhabitants care for our guests well being. No less than 55 landlords and landladies offer comfortable accommodation. 

In Europe

Bad Marienberg has diverse cultural offers as well as lots of opportunities to go shopping. First there is the "Europahaus", an international institution for education and gatherings of young people from all over the Europe (about 150 seminares and conferences with an average of 5500 participants each year). The "Europahaus" in Bad Marienberg could be called the "mother" of all Europe-Houses. Additionally, there is a youth hostel, three churches, pharmacies and drugstores, and a "Rerformhaus", a shop offering nothing but organic goods. 
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