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Activities in the fresh air: fun on two wheels

Pedal through nature by bike

Bad Marienberg has a warm welcome for bikers. Three cycle trails with different difficulty levels offer a perfect opportunity to enjoy the fresh mountain air of the "Westerwald" on two wheels. You will discover the small river Nister. A bike tour helps you exercise all your body, keeps you in good shape, and is fun for the whole family! 

Bikers protect nature and the environment

Shoes and bikes, the environmentally most compatible sports equipment. It is the walkers's and biker's responsibility to behave in a way that doesn't harm plants and animals by their leisure time activities. It doesn't matter if you are cycling or walking: keep your eyes open and show respect for the natural environment -please stick to the trails... 

Go on tour

Various bicycle tours, day bicycle trips or tours with kids, there's something for everyone.
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