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Visit our barefoot-path of senses

Well-being for the whole family

Our new barefoot-path is an intense experience for the whole family. A walk through the eighteen pods with different floorings activates your senses in a more than convenient way.

Well-being for body and soul !

With your feet you will feel the different textures of angular pieces of wood, hard stones, tingling fir cones , patches of black and white bitumen, fresh lawn and much more.

On both sides of the way nicely arranged herb- and flowerbeds fill the fresh air with pleasant fragrances.

At the end of the walk your legs and feet can relax in a basin filled with mud.

Of course you can clean your feet in a shower after having crossed the basin. You can leave your shoes and socks in a special "shoe house".

Experience the barefoot-path in "Kurpark Bornwiese". It is worth the while.
The barefoot path is open daily and the entrance is free.

Phone: + 49 (0)2661 7031

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