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The „Wildpark" - always worth a trip to Bad Marienberg

Go deerstalking in the "Wildpark",

listen to the deer in their natural environment. Observe the wild boars and their activities, see different kinds of deer, wisents, lamas, kangaroos, pheasants and peacocks. Visiting the "Wildpark" is always worthwhile, no matter which season. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

The "Wildpark" is open every day from dawn till dusk throughout the year. A small, 4 km long path leads through the attractive woods and meadows, also suitable for wheelchairs.

It is a 10 minute's walk from the town centre to the southern entrance of the "Wildpark" . Or you can use the northern entrance near the "Waldcafe". Here you find a huge playground for children with little cars for children and the opportunity to ride on horses and ponies.

(If you go by car use the route through "Zinhain".)

Free entry!

Bird shows in the"Wildpark"
Experience 11 different species, represented by 20 birds, for example the eagle owl "Juhu" which you can stroke, the eagle"Goldie", a well known actor in many movies, and ferret "Frieda" for stroking and playing with.

The birdshows are always interesting and informing. From April to September falconer Kai Hengstermann shows what his protégées have learned.

Shows take place on weekends and holidays at 3pm.

Other dates on weekends or during the week according to agreement.

Phone: +49 (0)170 95 85 607

3,50 Euro each person, children younger than three years have free entry.

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