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Gain strength, feel well, be fit...

Traditional Spa-diets together with new natural healing- and treatment processes: For your health you will find an extensive selection of therapies and programmes in Bad Marienberg, of course guided by highly qualified doctors and competent service staff on the spot.

Natural health - natural beauty - completely without any additions  you could say. For natural beauty, last but not least, derives from a healthy nutrition.

An individual wellness programme, adjusted to your personal circumstances, is the best thing you can do for yourself. Ask your doctor!

Medical diets

Diets, supervised by special doctors, do not only aim at a reduction of weight, they also serve as a means to find inner peace and meditation. This kind of naturopathy stabilizes your body functions and minimises the impact of many permanent illnesses 


This centuries-old naturopathy, according to Johann Schroth, is based on the inner cleansing of your body. Regulating your metabolism and by  reaching your optimal weight this can lead to better cholesterol levels and reduce blood sugars levels. The treatment includes packs for your whole body or for ¾ of your body. 


The hydro- and balneo - therapy has been developed according to J.S. Kneipp that can be used successfully in the treatment of nearly every illness, from epidermal to metabolic problems, from problems with the circulation to weight problems. This therapy includes washings, wraps, packages, pourings, baths and steam treatments. 


The nearly fat - and cholesterol- free serum of milk - the whey - is an ideal cleaner of the whole organism. It supports cell - regeneration and helps curing metabolism - disorders. It is part of a natural therapy. If you combine a nutrition - therapy with whey and a physical therapy with fresh juice of vegetable and fruit or a hydro - therapy with moderate physical strain, the result will be an all- embracing natural therapy. 
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